How laughter give good effect to over all health?

Life is very fast and hectic nowadays and to stay healthy is also tough. People have tremendous pressure and they are often careless about their heath. Different kind of diseases are coming to them. Mental diseases. physical disease like heart, lungs, bones, gastrointestinal, ano-rectal diseases and its treatment etc. every other person is suffering.

Different treatments are available for different kind of sufferings. There is one medicine, one treatment available which works in all kind of diseases. That medicine is laughter. It change the sate of one’s body, either it is physical or emotional. A big laugh can make your mind and body more balanced. It combat with anger and make you more relaxed. It effect your overall health and relax your complete body. It also heals and reduce sense of pain and discomfort.

When you laugh so many types of chemicals are released by your body which give you a feel good factor and you feel really good. It also help you in maintaining your body weight as it is helpful in burning calories.

When you feel happy and have no tensions, this thing leads to a long life. You live long. Laughter also increases body immunity power and helpful in a disease free life.  When your immune system is powerful, it fights strongly with all kind of viruses and bacteria and help you stay healthy.

Apart from a good healthy life laughter is also helpful in social bonding. If you stay always smiling, people like you, people like to meet you and like to talk to you. A person having good sense of humor always liked by every one because he or she make the entire atmosphere lively and happily.

In today’s world mental health is very important. For any thing you are doing, you should be mentally fit and healthy and a good laughter does it for you. When you laugh, you feel a kind of good in your inner self and this makes your mind relaxed. which is very important for mind’s health.

It depends only on you that you want to have some laughter in your life or you want to live a life which is full of stress.  Work is important but health is also very important. To stay healthy, mentally and physically, you should try to fetch some laugh in your life. It will not only give you good health but also give you a social recognition.

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