Difference Between A Love Quote And Poetry

The purpose of creating literary works either love quotes or poetry, is to provide inspiration and entertainment. All these things are coming from the ancient times.

Some are transferring from one generation to another verbally while some are written in different books. These days internet is a major medium where you can find tons of quotes and poetry. These pieces of literature are made of in many forms. One of the form is quotes and one is poetry. So what is the difference between them?
The difference between a poem and a quote either it is a love quote, inspirational quote or entertaining quote is as under
A quote is the arrangement of few words that contain a lot of meaning. In this type of writing a writer expresses his thoughts in a few words which have major impact on people’s mind and at the same time these few line have a lot of meaning regarding that subject. These lines have the power to set a mood that can be happy or sad, plain simple or complicated sometimes.
Quotes are found on many subjects. Main, which are most popular, is love quotes, inspirational and philosophical quotes
A poetry is mostly a bunch of rhyming words though it can also be non-rhyming sometimes. In a poem there are sentences fragments. It also use alliteration and metaphor. In the poems for children mostly these are found.
Poetry can be of different kinds, like poems regarding love are called Sonnets and these are the most popular. Another type of poem is called Ode which is basically a lyrical poem.